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Coronavirus update


We would like to thank our Swan At Iver family for all your kind messages and support during these tough times and are looking forward to seeing you all again soon. However, we want things to be safe for all of us and our families.


In accordance with UK government guidelines we are going to put some safety measures in place to protect you and our staff.


The Swan At Iver 10 golden coronavirus rules:


1. On arrival we’ll be collecting your personal contact details to support the UK government track and trace programme. This includes your name, telephone number, postal address and email address


2. On arrival we’ll be checking your temperature with a non-contact device. If your temperature is above the normal body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius unfortunately you will not be permitted to enter the pub and will be asked to return no earlier than 2 weeks later. This is for the safety of customers and staff already in the pub


3. We expect all customers and staff within the pub to adhere to the signs and guidance displayed throughout the pub and in the toilets


4. Please use the sanitiser provided and wash your hands if required. All surfaces and tables will be regularly cleaned and sanitised by the Swan At Iver team


5. We have CCTV throughout the pub. Anybody not adhering to the social distancing requirement of 1 metre+ will be asked to leave the pub. The only exception is the party you arrive with


6. Anybody believed to be intoxicated by alcohol or drugs will be refused entry to the pub


7. No more than six people from two households will be permitted to sit at a table and tables and chairs SHOULD NOT BE MOVED. Please ensure children are always seated  and are not running around. Menus will only be bought to tables when your party is seated and will be disposed of after use. You do not need to book a table in advance but are welcome to if you would like to plan your visit to the Swan At Iver in advance. We are also operating a takeaway service if you would like to pre-order and collect your food


8. The Swan At Iver is planning to use a table service only where possible and discourages standing at the bar. Customers drinking outside and, in the garden, can stand but we expect parties to be 1 metre+ apart and not close to any tables where others are sitting. If there is any distress caused to our staff or customers, you will be asked to leave the pub


9. Toilets will be strictly one in and one out. We have multiple toilet facilities in the pub so please ask staff if you’re unsure of where to go. Please help us to keep the toilets clean, dispose of your tissues/rubbish in the bins provided and do not leave any items on surfaces or floors


10. We accept cash and card (minimum £5 spend) but encourage you to use contactless where possible



Please respect these rules…they are for your own safety!



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